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Sofskin Float - Teal


WIMLINE's Soft-Skin Floating Mattress is a Soft, Floating Foam Luxury Mattress. Its unique design means you never need to Inflate-It, so it's ready to get in the water when you are. When you're Finished-Floating, in the Lake or Pool, just Roll-it-Up for Easy Storage this Roll-Up feature makes it a Perfect-Choice for Boater Out-On-the-Lake. The SWIMLINE Soft-Skin Floating Mattress has a Comfortable Textured Surface, is available in Multiple Colors, so there's sure to be one just right for you. Mattress measures (L x W x D) 74" x 26" x 1.5", has a Comfortable Raised Headrest and is ready when you are for Water Relaxation.

  • Never needs inflation
  • Constructed of closed cell foam 1.5 inch thick
  • Rolls up easy for storage
  • Great for pools, Beaches, lakes and ponds
  • Dimensions: 74" long x 26" wide x 1.5" thick
  • Relax in the sun with a floating mattress
  • Great for pools and vacation
  • Quality and Value
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