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Aquabot Rapids 1500


The Aquabot Rapids 1500 is designed to clean Residential In-Ground Pools of all sizes and surfaces. Thanks to the patented AquaSmart Gyro System, the Aquabot Rapids 1500 will automatically brush, vacuum and micro-filter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool’s floor, walls and waterline in a synchronized fashion helping to keep the cable from tangling.

The AquaSmart Gyro System is an intelligent program for robotic pool cleaners that aids the cleaner to efficiently clean any standard residential swimming pool in approximately 2 Hours. The smart algorithm installed in the brain of the cleaner enables the robot to cover the pool in a systemized fashion, without wasting time. Additionally, the Rapids 1500 comes equipped with the Aqua brush Clean System, which is a patented vibrating brush located at the bottom of the unit. This system increases the cleaning efficiency of the unit.

Input Electrical Requirements:

  • Power Consumption: 180 Watts

  • Non-Marring Wheels

  • Cable Length: 60'

  • Dimensions: 20"x 21"x 17"

  • Shipping Weight: 30 lbs

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