Rectangular Pool Covers
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Pool Size 25 x 55' : Cover Size 30 x 60'


Rectangular Green Pool Cover 

Pool Size - 25 x 55' - Cover Size 30 x 60'


  • Made for above-ground and inground swimming pools.
  • They are extremely lightweight and much easier to put on and take off the pool than other heavier, bulkier vinyl covers. Their nature makes easier to store, as well, since they occupy less space for storing.
  • Made from tough polyethylene fabric –these have been time-tested and prove to be made from toughest, most durable material available today.
  • Stops chemical loss through evaporation.
  • Keeps Pool Clean - Keeps pool water clean and free from dirt, leaves and debris.
  • They are competitively-priced despite their durability; any comparison will prove our value.
  • Manufacturer Warranty
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