Pool Shot Floating Checkers Game

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Introducing Poolside Water Checkers, the swimming pool and patio game that allows you to bring checkers, chess and other family table game favorites outside to play on a table in the backyard, at the pool or even in the pool - since it floats on the pool water.

The Poolside Water Checkers table is rotationally molded from 100 percent waterproof, chemical-resistant, polyethylene plastic in one durable piece so it's ideal for swimming pools, ponds and lakes. Molded-in UV inhibitors resist fading from sunlight.

The gaming table design sets a flat playing surface with the checkerboard within and slightly lower than the plastic, outer ring. This helps keep the waterproof checkers (included!) secured in place, even when the table moves about in the water.

Though checkers is a two-player game, the checkerboard fits six adults around. Each player gets a personal cup holder that's molded into the table. They prevent spills and keep the drinks in place when the table is placed in the water.

Between games or for seasonal storage, the Poolside Water Checkers table may be moved by one person. When out of the water, it only weighs about 20 lbs. It’s an easy move for aquatics personnel setting up pool parties and summer camps. It also comes with a quick-dry mesh bag that keeps the checkers together in one place for the whole summer and year after year.

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