Texas Float'em Poker Table

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The portable Texas Float'em poker game brings the poker game outside into the backyard. Set it on a table on the deck or put it right into the pool – it floats!

The table design sets a flat, casino-style playing surface within a raised outer ring to help the waterproof playing cards (included!) and waterproof clay poker chips (included!) stay together in the center of the table. With a hexagonal shape, the card table has room for six adult players, and each player gets a personal cup and chip holder that are molded into the table so cards, chips and drinks stay safe in place, even when moving about in the pool water.

The poker table is rotationally molded in one piece from 100 percent chemical-resistant, waterproof polyethylene plastic for swimming pools that use chlorine, bromine, salt and other alternatives, including natural ponds and lakes. To resist fading from sunlight, the game table is molded with UV inhibitors.

For seasonal storage or after the party, one person can move the portable poker table inside or to a shed. When out of the water, it only weighs about 20 lbs. It also includes a quick-drying mesh bag to keep the poker chips and cards together in one place.

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